What to bring to Kindergarten

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What to bring

Please remember to clearly label all belongings with your child’s name

A bag

That your child can open and close independently. Please ensure it is large enough to hold their belongings.

A hat

Kindy follows the “No hat, no play” policy. Please ensure that your child has a broad brimmed hat that will be left at school. Some people like to add motifs to the standard school hat so that it can be easily identified as all hats look the same!


In Kindy we do a shared fruit time before morning play. We ask that you send in something to share with the class at this time, each session. Some suggestions include: fruit, vegetable, cheese, popped (unsalted) popcorn, sultanas, plain “sakata” crackers or anything that is healthy!


Each child will need their own lunch in a lunch box which is kept in their bag (separated from the fruit for sharing). Please pack items which your child can independently manage. We also encourage you to limit the amount of red light (unhealthy) foods you include in their lunch. Please do not send your child to school with products containing nuts (eg peanut butter)

Drink bottle

Please provide a spill-proof water bottle each day clearly labelled with their name. Please note we only allow water inside the classroom.


Please pack a plastic bag containing a spare, labelled set of clothes in your child’s bag to change into in case of an accident or if they become wet during water play.


Comfortable and sturdy footwear is required at all times for safety purposes. Flat sandals or sneakers are recommended.

A towel

In Kindergarten we have rest time after lunch. Please send in a labelled towel for your child to lie on. These will be sent home each holidays to be washed.