Valuables at school

Valuables are not to be brought to school and the school accepts no responsibility if brought and lost or broken. Children are also responsible for the safekeeping of watches during sport or swimming lessons.

With the exception of stud or sleeper earrings, jewellery should not, for safety reasons, be worn to school.

Mobile Phones

We urge children not to bring mobile phones to school unless they are vitally important for parent/child communications.

In keeping with the 2020 Department of Education Mobile Phone Policy, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are not permitted to have mobile phones in their possession during the school day. If a student brings a mobile phone to school, they must hand it to their classroom teacher for safe keeping during school hours.  It is the responsibility of the child to collect the phone at the end of the day.

Lost Property

Unclaimed items of clothing are placed in lost property baskets in the undercover area. Parents are most welcome to check these baskets at any time.

Unclaimed school uniforms are kept for recycling. Other unclaimed articles are disposed of at the end of each semester.