Student Leadership

South Padbury Primary School provides our students with leadership opportunities that challenge them to demonstrate through words and actions a knowledge of the school’s vision and values. 

Students are given opportunities to develop the building blocks of leadership including, presentation skills, responsibility, communication, negotiation, organisation and teamwork. Student leaders also have the opportunity to inform school decision making and impact the learning environment, offering a student voice to issues that impact them directly. 

Leadership roles encourage students to consider how they can support the school’s moral purpose of ‘Be the Change’ as well as the school’s code of behaviour; be kind, be proud, be respectful and be involved. 

Student leadership opportunities can include:

  • Helping to plan, organise and conduct whole school assemblies
  • Helping to plan, organise and conduct special school events including charity day fundraising and sports carnivals
  • Training younger students in team games for the faction carnival
  • Helping with planning and management of special days such as ANZAC Day
  • Helping to problem solve and show initiative where necessary
  • Supporting and helping all staff at school
  • Supporting students in the playground
  • Recognising bystander behaviour and when other students are in unsafe situations
  • Supporting teachers on duty
  • Managing sports equipment for your class
  • Undertaking a buddy role with younger students
  • Collecting and recording scientific data on the school’s Tiny Forest in conjunction with Murdoch University
  • Providing feedback to the Principal on relevant school policies/procedures
  • Organising lunch time clubs/activities
  • Upholding the school’s code of conduct; be respectful, be involved, be kind and be proud
  • Representing South Padbury Primary School in out of school and inter school events
  • Undertaking an exit survey as a Year 6 leaver, that provides feedback to the school