Specialists Programs


As part of the staffing for the school, a specialist teacher with expertise in Music conducts Music lessons for children in Years 1- 6. Support teachers also provide additional help in the classes.

Keyed Up Music offers South Padbury Primary School children additional guitar and keyboard lessons, classes are out of school hours on a Wednesday and Thursday.

To find out more visit the Keyed Up Music website or phone 0479 171 424. 


Children are tested in Year 4 to ascertain their potential for the Primary Academic Extension Program. Those children scoring highly in the Region are offered places in various courses which are offered to the students in Year 5 and Year 6. Parents are required to arrange transport to and from the PEAC course and there is a cost associated with some courses. Opportunities are also available within the Early Years Extension (EYE) programme which is offered to selected students over their Junior years.