Reporting to Parents

As part of accountability requirements, regular reporting to parents and feedback on student progress is provided by the school. A variety of methods are utilised each term to keep parents informed about their child’s progress including:

  • Class parent information sessions at the beginning of the year
  • Informal touch base meeting offered to all families in Term 1
  • Community open night
  • Formal reports (PP-6) in the eight curriculum areas of the Western Australian Curriculum, Term 2 and Term 4 via Connect
  • Kindergarten report based on the Early Years Learning Framework, Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and school-based targets, Term 2 and Term 4 via class teacher
  • Case conferences when needed
  • Parent interviews as needed throughout the year, requested by either the teacher or parent/carer
  • Email communication of progress/celebrations or concerns throughout the year 
  • Uploading of agreed year level student progress work samples to Connect or Seesaw each term
  • Use of ‘Be’ Cards to acknowledge positive student actions and words
  • Use of repair plans to inform parents of restorative conversations their child has been involved in after an incident at school 
  • Parent information on student progress in reading fluency (2-6) and basic number facts (2-6) achievement in Term 1 and On-Entry Assessments for PP
  • National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) individual reports for parents in Years 3 and 5

School Board

The school Board receives updates and summary data from the Principal regarding whole school progress on standardised assessments undertaken throughout the year.

Parent Teacher Meeting Tips For Parents