Music Program

Music at South Padbury Primary School

South Padbury Primary School recognises the importance of music in enhancing brain function, memory, and concentration, and supporting student mental health. There are so many benefits for our students and music is such an important part of our learning program. We are very proud of the musical opportunities our students receive at South Padbury. 

Music program

All students at South Padbury PS participate in a classroom music program which teaches the fundamentals of music and musicianship. Students are offered opportunities to perform through learning instruments, singing in choirs, participating in the school annual talent show and massed choir events. Non-tuned and tuned percussion instruments are used throughout all school years and the recorder is introduced in Year 3 -6 and ukulele in Years 2-6. South Padbury has a class set of high quality TOCA 9” African djembe drums which are often played in the outdoor classroom in a djembe drumming circle which promotes creativity, emotional release, teamwork and confidence development. South Padbury offers two musical lunchtime clubs. Chorale for Year 5 and 6 choir members who wish to improve their voice development and learn a different repertoire from the main choir, and ukulele club which is offered to Year 2 – 6 students who love to strum and sing!

Choir Program

Students are offered the opportunity to sing in a variety of choirs as they progress through primary school. There are two choirs at South Padbury – Junior (Year3/4) and Senior (Year 5/6) that rehearse during school time. Choir develops persistence and teamwork whilst allowing students to express their creative talents and emotions. Students are also offered opportunities to sing as a soloist. The Senior Choir is fortunate to be invited to perform at the One Big Voice choral festival and as one of the largest choirs, performs with vigour and excellence. 

School Instrumental Music Programs

All Year 4 students complete a standard musical aptitude test set by the Education Department and are selected on merit/ability for inclusion in the Instrumental Music Program. The Department of Education employs instrumental teachers who are based at The School of Instrumental learning in Maylands to teach weekly half-hour lessons during school hours. At South Padbury, students are offered the opportunity to learn Clarinet, and Brass. A total of 10 students are selected each year. These students are expected to make a 2-year commitment by practising regularly, attending lessons, performing and taking part in school ensembles. 

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