Miyawaki Urban Tiny Forest Project

South Padbury PS is part of an outreach program partnership with the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University and Dr Grey Coupland, called The Miyawaki Urban Tiny Forrest Project. 

Dr Coupland and the school have planted a small wilderness of native plants on the grounds to promote biodiversity, help with climate issues and provide students with an opportunity to be part of a STEM research project and all that entails. Students from Years 4-6 collect scientific data from the forest and are contributing to the re-wilding of our planet. 

The progress of our forest and our research can be tracked via the following website and by clicking on the Projects tab. Support Sustainable Biodiverse Forests with SUGi (sugiproject.com)

Where restoration, science and people connect to create a Miyawaki forest in Australia – SUGi (sugiproject.com)

Our amazing Tiny Forest Project has also been recognised and selected by UNESCO Green Citizen as a local. innovative and impactful idea taking off and flourishing far and wide. UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS is a global campaign that enhances local initiatives and highlights local environmental citizen-led projects on a global scale.

Below is the link to our UNESCO Green Citizens project page:


Hello Weekend Sunrise!

South Padbury Primary School’s Miyawaki Urban Tiny Forest and Dr Grey Coupland were featured on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise.

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Get to Know Dr Grey Coupland

Ecologist and Urban Forest Maker

I am a Research Fellow at the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University. I am also Lead Scientist for SUGi (Non-Profit Organisation restoring habitats globally).

I am passionate about environmental restoration and connecting science with the community. Ecology is my base, and I have extensive project management related to environmental issues, specifically in ecology, sustainability and environmental restoration.  

My research has covered everything from seagrass ecology and restoration, mangrove ecology, plant-animal interactions, novel techniques for detecting environmental impacts and terrestrial plant biosecurity. My key interests are global and urban environmental and sustainability issues, urban ecology, and ecological restoration. 

My current research is investigating the use of Miyawaki forests for urban greening and bringing these amazing pocket forests into schools via a dedicated STEM outreach program.

Follow my urban restoration work on Instagram: @miyawakiforestwa 

I work closely with State and Federal government agencies, Non-Profit Organisations (NGO), schools and community stakeholders.

I am also a parent at South Padbury Primary School.

Dr Grey Coupland

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