Early Years Education

The early childhood teachers at South Padbury Primary School use a play-based approach to education, as staff understand the power of play as a key to children’s wellbeing and cognitive development. They believe that children are capable, interested, and curious learners, so indoor and outdoor learning experiences are offered to support curriculum experiences and build knowledge and friendship. Explicit instruction in literacy and numeracy helps to scaffold success in important foundational knowledge, setting our students up with common language and experiences that support their transition through the school.


Early Years Learning Framework of Australia
A09-057 EYLF Framework Report WEB.indd (acecqa.gov.au)

Belonging, being and becoming – ACECQA

WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines
Western-Australian-Kindergarten-Curriculum-Guidelines-pdf.pdf (scsa.wa.edu.au)

Phonic and Decoding Parent Education Sheets (PLD)
Early Years Parent Education Sheets and Downloads – Semester 1 – PLD-Literacy