School Uniform

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School Dress Code

The schools uniform colours are Ice Blue (jumpers, t-shirts etc) and Black (shirts, skirts, pants etc). The aim is to have all children take pride in their school and personal appearance. We ask for your cooperation in seeing that your children come to school clean, neat and tidy, wearing school uniform.

The uniform shop is open on Thursday mornings from 8.20am in the Uniform Shop near TA 10.

The Dress Code can be addressed by stating simply that students are expected to wear items of clothing available from and selected by the Uniform Shop Committee and approved by the School Council.

School uniforms may be purchased from Uniform Committee members. These parents are usually available to help on each Thursday 8.20 – 9:00am or at other times specified at the beginning of the year.

School uniforms are to be worn on excursions.

All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name, as it is difficult to trace lost property if unmarked.

Children are required to wear hats when playing outside in the sun at morning recess, lunchtime and during P.E. and sport sessions. These hats, which are available from the uniform shop, have been approved by the Cancer Foundation and are part of the school uniform.

Uniform price list November 2019

Download our Dress Code Policy

School bags

School bags of suitable size are necessary to protect books and materials carried to and from school.

A library bag is necessary to enable children to borrow books from the library. This is to protect our resource of books.