School rules

Our school rules revolve around RESPECT, KINDNESS, and MANNERS Specifically:

  • Children are not permitted to walk through either the staff or parent car parks.
  • Children are to walk on pathways or verandahs.
  • We do not encourage children arriving before 8.30am as supervision can not be provided. Children must report to the school oval if arriving at school prior to 8.30am where they are released by a duty teacher.
  • Children are not permitted in school buildings without a teacher being present.
  • Children are not permitted to bring valuables, toys or sport equipment to school except with the teacher permission.
  • Children are not allowed on school premises after hours unless they have the Principal’s permission.

Behaviour Management Policy

The school staff has developed a Behaviour Management in Schools Policy (BMIS) which has been ratified by the School Board. Copies of this policy are available on request.

This school has a positive approach to discipline. The atmosphere of the school is friendly and harmonious with children being encouraged to be self disciplined in their approach.

Privileges such as Year 6 Camp, excursions and interschool sport are offered as rewards for good behaviour as well as for educational value. Those who do not comply with school rules deprive themselves of such privileges.

The school environment is to be one in which the rights of teachers to teach, students to learn and children to have a safe journey to and from school are important.

A simple set of school rules is provided to assist with their safe conduct. The rules are regularly reinforced at school and specific rules are included in newsletters from time to time.


Bullying is not tolerated in this school. While physical bullying is overt and can be dealt with in a straight forward manner, subtle verbal intimidation is more difficult to detect. It is important that bullying is reported at school. Students are encouraged to report incidents to staff in accordance with the School’s Behaviour Management Policy.