School hours & Attendance

Arriving at school

Students should not arrive at school before 8.30am as adequate supervision within the school grounds cannot be guaranteed before this time. Therefore, no responsibility for supervision of students can be accepted before this time.

If children do arrive before 8.30am, they must report to the Principal either on the oval or in the undercover area until dismissed at 8.30am. Students are not permitted into classes prior to this time even if the teacher is present.

Children should also vacate the school grounds as soon as they are dismissed, and stay away from school buildings outside school hours.

School hours

School starts: Classrooms open at 8.30am Classes commence at 8.45am

Morning Recess: 10.50 – 11.10am

Lunchtime: 1.10pm – 1.45pm

School: Finishes 3.00pm

Office hours: 8.30am – 3.30pm

Student Absences from School

Parents should notify the school by note, phone, phone app or by email for all daily absences from school.

Daily absences from school. Department of Education regulations require an explanation for each and every absence.

If a parent does not forward an explanation, the class teacher may forward an explanatory note to be completed by the parent.

  • Permission to leave the school grounds to go home for lunch. If the child goes home for lunch regularly, one note to cover the whole year is sufficient.
  • Exclusion from sport, physical education or swimming – for medical reasons.
  • If however you are going on a holiday during term time, the school will require written notification.
  • Children are not otherwise permitted to leave the school site without permission from the school or parent. We must know where children are at all times.Parents, or nominees, wishing to pick up children early or take children out of school for any reason, including collecting ill children, must complete a “Leave Pass for Partial Absence” available at the front office. The Leave Pass must be presented to the child’s teacher and the copy retained and carried with the student for the duration of the absence.

Late Students

All students late to school must first report to the Office to receive a late note. This note is to be given to the class teacher.