School security and facilities

School Security – Vandalism

Parents and nearby residents are requested to contact the Education Department Security Section or Police Communications should they notice anyone loitering on school premises. Contact may be made on the following numbers:

Education Department Security 9264 4771 or 9264 4632
Police Communications 131 444

Community Use of the School

Use of the school grounds and buildings by community members is to be negotiated with the school Manager Corporate Services.

The Department of Education’s Duty of Care for Students Policy states that children who return to the playing areas out of school hours are considered to be under the care of parents. Parents are asked to remind children to stay away from the buildings at all times out of school hours for security and safety reasons.

After Hours Activities

Children participate in a number of out of school activities based at the school. T-Ball, soccer, cricket, netball and basketball training after school are some of the activities that have been allowed in the past.

While the school has allowed these organisations to use school facilities, the school has no part to play in the organisation of such activities and therefore accepts no responsibility.

Please contact the organisers direct if you wish to discuss matters related to these activities.