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Parent/Teacher Meetings

Towards the end of the first week, your child’s teacher will notify you of the time and date of a parent/teacher meeting to be held on an afternoon during the first four weeks of Term One.

Student Reports

Reports are issued twice per year – at the end of each semester. These reports are based on an individual’s performance over each semester.

National Testing of Year 3 and 5 students will be in May. As well as providing individual profiles, this data can assist in determining school and system priorities. Reporting of National Testing Results is expected to take place at the end of Term 3.

Contacting Teaching Staff

We greatly appreciate and value the assistance and involvement of parents at school. We are keen to be seen as an open and friendly school, where parents feel welcome and are able to make regular contact with staff.

Teachers will advise parents should they require extra assistance during lessons and invite parental help.

For the staff to be able to provide this positive atmosphere there must be some procedures in place to follow when you wish to discuss your child’s progress, or any other matters of importance.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s education you are encouraged to contact the school.

Initially, your child/s class teacher is the best person to approach so you can discuss any difficulties you feel your child is having. The Associate Principal or the Principal are other people you can talk to about your concerns after talking to the class teacher.

Always give staff the courtesy of arranging a mutually convenient time to discuss your child’s progress. Staff will then have time to gather the relevant information needed for the discussion and give the attention such an important matter deserves. To arrange an interview, please send a note to the teacher with your child or telephone the school.

Parents are urged to make use of the interview to clear misunderstandings, discuss their child’s progress or discuss any other important matter.

Before school is not normally a satisfactory time for parents to see teachers, unless it has been pre-arranged with the teacher. This is a vital preparation period. Messages, important arrangements regarding your child and other quick communications are of course sometimes necessary.

We also ask that as with the children, you follow simple courtesy rules, by knocking on the classroom door, rather than entering unannounced.


One very important aspect, and in fact, requirement of parents who help or work with children at school, is that of confidentiality.

Parents working with children at school are in a privileged situation, that is, they are privy to information gained from being in the classroom – information about the children, their abilities, behaviour and various other matters you, as a parent, would obviously like respected and kept in confidence if it were regarding your own child.

Please respect and be aware of the need to observe strict confidentiality when you are involved with the children at school.

Parents, along with other volunteers, are required, as per Department of Education regulations to complete a Confidential Declaration form if assisting with students. These declarations should be updated annually and are available from the office.