Our Vision and Beliefs

Our Vision

To build a learning community where students, parents and teachers work together to develop partnerships and foster life-long learning.

Our Moral Purpose

‘Be the change’

Our Beliefs

We believe in:

  • Developing the whole child
  • An engaging and inclusive learning environment that maximises student achievement while recognising and accepting uniqueness in all students
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Evidence based teaching and learning programs and pedagogy
  • Developing self-discipline, persistence, responsibility, resilience and respectfulness 
  • Striving for excellence 
  • Parents as partners
  • A pursuit of friendship and knowledge

Our School Code

Be Respectful
Be Kind
Be Proud
Be Involved

Our Brand

Our brand is forged upon the unique environment in which South Padbury Primary School is situated. The Kookaburra, which is the visual representation of our brand, reflects what we stand for and what we want to be.

In the Dreaming, the first Kookaburra would call out when the sun rose each morning to awaken the people and day creatures. He did this with a loud, ringing laugh so the people and creatures awoke with gladness in their hearts.

We want our students to wake each morning ready for the day ahead. To laugh, enjoy themselves, and the newness of each learning moment or experience! We want them to sing out and be committed to doing the best for themselves and each other, just as the Kookaburra is committed to the important job of awakening humanity each day.