Our Vision

The vision for South Padbury Primary School (SPPS) is to build a learning community where students, parents and teachers work together to develop partnerships and foster life-long learning.

As a learning community we aim to develop the whole child through the provision of quality learning experiences providing the opportunity for every student to become a positive, contributing member of the community.

It is our belief that it is the quality of the teaching and learning programs, relationships and learning environment that maximise student learning.  We believe in collaborative teamwork and evidence based planning.

The school promotes a learning environment that encourages the development of self- discipline and where all members of the school community are responsible, respectful, safe and strive for excellence.

The school values and encourages the positive contribution of parents/caregivers and views parents/caregivers as partners in their child’s education and development.


1. Establish ambitious targets and set high expectations, academic and non-academic, for our students.

2. Engage all staff in a systematic, continuous and comprehensive self-assessment process related to student achievement and school operations.

3. Deliver high quality learning and teaching programs with pedagogical practices aligned to the Australian Curriculum’s learning, teaching and assessment principles.

4. Expand the quality of teaching through utilising expert teachers to operate collaboratively sharing their skills and understandings.

5. Maintain a learning environment that is safe, caring and inclusive.

6. Target resources, through school improvement planning, to maximise student achievement.

7. Continue to build strong internal and external relationships including positive interactions between the school and its immediate and wider community.

Our objectives are based on effective and evidence-based teaching of literacy and numeracy; strong school leadership and whole-school engagement with literacy and numeracy; and monitoring of student and school literacy and numeracy performance to identify where support is needed.

School Community Partnership

The school actively promotes and encourages parent participation. Parents/caregivers are actively involved in;

  • Board
  • P&C
  • Canteen
  • Uniform shop
  • Safety house
  • Sport
  • Incursions/excursions
  • Extracurricular activities

The school has also developed strong relationships with local businesses in the area including;

  • Zig Zags OSHC
  • Keyed Up Music
  • Padbury IGA
  • Padbury Pharmacy
  • L7 Health and Fitness