School Board Members

School Staff Members

Cass Disisto – Principal 

Cass has worked for the Department of Education for over 30 years in many diverse school settings in both country and metropolitan Perth. This experience has provided Cass with opportunities to build her knowledge and understanding of what good schools do, and to develop her skills in how to go about building effective teachers that in turn build confident, capable students. 

Cass was appointed to South Padbury Primary School as Principal in June 2020. As she stepped into the role she was struck by the sense of calmness and community at the school. 

Cass understands that happy children, engaged staff and enthusiastic families provide a great foundation for growth and improvement. She continues to focus on this at South Padbury Primary to build on the strengths of the school and to create a challenging and progressive environment that enables everyone in the school community to ‘be the change’ for themselves and each other.

Cass is passionate about early childhood education and reading and hopes this is where families will see most change and improvement in the coming years. Her goal as a member of the Board is to continue to support the School’s sense of community and spirit, while building student achievement and supporting staff to be the best that they can be.

Tasha Donnelly – Deputy Principal

Tasha has worked for the Department of Education for over 25 years, with a range of diverse experiences from working in regional WA to many years teaching in a low-socio economic area Perth. Tasha has taught all primary school years from 1-6 and has also taken on a specialist Indonesian Language teaching role.

Tasha has been a South Padbury PS for 10 years, and in recent years she has taken on a Deputy role. She lives locally and has a son in Year 6 at Craigie Heights PS.

As a country girl Tasha loves the sense of community and country feel at South Padbury PS. It is a joy for her to build relationships with the students and their families, with a particular focus on providing pastoral care for all children. 

She is passionate about diversity and loves the individuality of all students. Tasha sees herself as an advocate for students who need flexibility, support, or at times more ‘out of the box’ approaches to support their academic, social and emotional needs. 

As a mother, an experienced teacher and now a school administrator Tasha brings considerable value to the school board. She enjoys drawing on each of these roles when working with Board members to shape and monitor the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions.

Jill Ridout – Language and Protective Behaviour Specialist Teacher 

Throughout the last forty years Jill has worked for both the Department of Education and Catholic Education WA. After graduating she was posted to the country, as most new graduates were. Here she met and married her husband and began a life in rural WA.

Jill has been extremely fortunate to work in some great schools in the South West and Eastern Wheatbelt regions of the state. From two-teacher schools to a District High School, she has worked as both a classroom teacher and as a specialist Indonesian Language teacher.

In 2014 Jill and her husband moved to Perth. Despite growing up and studying here Jill had not yet taught in the city and was apprehensive about teaching ‘city kids’. Jill considers herself very lucky to have found her way to South Padbury Primary School, where her first impression was of a ‘country school’ in the city. 

During her time at South Padbury Jill has found it to be a very progressive school. The interests of the students have always been a priority and each year new educational programs are introduced to benefit both students and staff.

Jill’s passion has always been to educate children in a safe, enjoyable environment. As the Indonesian Language specialist she has loved introducing children not just to another language, but to the culture of Indonesia too. As a board member Jill hopes to draw on her past teaching roles and positions to contribute to decision making at South Padbury PS, ensuring the school continues to move forward, to be innovative with its decision making and to provide the very best education for students.

Sumaya Race Senior – Teacher 

Sumaya has worked for the Department of Education for nearly 20 years in a variety of school settings including Port Hedland and Perth City. Sumaya’s experience has provided her with varying opportunities to build her knowledge, understanding and pedagogy on teaching that is conducive to a positive classroom and helps children reach their potential.

Sumaya joined South Padbury PS in 2016 working a one-day a week role in Grades 4 and 6. This grew into a permanent teaching position in the Kindergarten before expanding into Grade 4 and now Grade 3. She believes the collegial level between the staff is vital and a credit to the school along with the strong home, school and community connections.

As a teacher Sumaya strives to create a cooperative community in the classroom and model for students the importance of mutual respect and cooperation. She works hard to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of students. This approach allows all classroom members to ‘be the change’ and to be successful learners. 

Parent Community Members

Cara Scudder – Board Chairperson

Cara has been an active member of the South Padbury IPS Board for 2 years. She has also been a previous Executive Member of the School P&C Committee. Cara’s son Oliver currently attends South Padbury in Year 3 (2022). 

Professionally as Manager of a global HR Shared Service Centre Cara is comfortable resolving complex people issues, discussing and reviewing policy and procedure and using her workplace experience to provide further efficiencies to achieve performance. Cara is commercially minded and manages her department’s budget.

Cara is passionate about the development of children attending SPPS and partnering as a member of the School Board to ensure that students have solid foundations available to reach their potential. She has taken part in board effectiveness reviews, and her demonstrated technical skills, collaboration ability and commercial exposure bring considerable value to her Board role. Cara has a strong sense of individual and collective responsibility and accountability. She genuinely cares about the performance of the school and of its students and has impact by contributing to good governance. 

Amanda Duckworth – Parent

Amanda has taught in early childhood education at both regional and metropolitan schools for over 20 years, and has been a member of the South Padbury IPS Board for three years.

Amanda is also a local Padbury resident and has two children currently attending the school – Charlie in year 6 and Lucy in year 4 (2022).

As a Board member Amanda draws on her vast experience working in education. She sees her role as supporting the school in continuing deliver successful outcomes for all students and for the wider school community. 

Tyson Rudd – Parent

Tyson has 15 years experience working in the electrical infrastructure and road service sector for organisations that include Main Roads and Downer EDI. He currently works for EGT, a training organisation that provides employment and training opportunities in the electro technology industry. 

Tyson’s daughter, Margot, currently attends South Padbury in Year 2 (2022). 

Having built a career outside of the education sector Tyson believes the knowledge and unique skill set that he brings complements the school Board, and allows him to bring new perspective in his role as a Board member. 

Tyson felt compelled to join the Board in 2022 to ensure that the decisions made on behalf of the school can achieve the best possible outcomes for all students and for the school community as a whole. He is also passionate about finding ways to help students and families to regain a sense of normality during what have been quite strange and often stressful times.

Danielle Bignell – Parent

Danielle joined the South Padbury IPS Board in 2022 and currently has three children attending the school – Ella in Year 5, Finn in Year 3 and Harriet in Pre-Primary (2022). 

Professionally Danielle has over 20 years experience working in marketing and communications across a range of different industry sectors. She has performed in-house roles ranging from graduate through to Associate and currently works freelance as a writer and communications consultant. 

In 2016, 2018 and 2021 Danielle was a nominated member of the Padbury Community Kindergarten (PCK) Parent Committee when her children attended there. In 2018 she served as Secretary to the Committee and voluntarily re-designed the Kindy website which she continues to maintain today.

Collectively Danielle’s experience provides a good foundation for serving as a member of the Board. She is deeply community minded and enjoys being an active member of the communities in which she belongs. She also takes great enjoyment from giving back behind the scenes and sees her role on the Board as an opportunity to do just this.

Danielle is also passionate about building on the sense of community and belonging that already exists within the school. As a ‘communicator’ by trade she also hopes to contribute to the school’s culture of open, positive, constructive and inclusive communication.

Erin Templar – Parent 

Erin joins the South Padbury IPS Board for Term 1 in 2022. With 15 years experience working in community relations and marketing in the independent school sector, she brings invaluable experience to this role.

From working in independent schools across Perth, Erin has extensive knowledge and experience in social media, websites, apps, community relations and engagement, graphic design, event management, student services and admissions. Erin has always enjoyed developing these areas within a school community and is looking forward to working with the Board to showcase the amazing work the School does. 

Erin enjoys working with others to collectively achieve a goal. It is this that attracted her to joining the Board – to be part of a team working together to develop a positive and nurturing school environment for all children at South Padbury PS.

With a son, Hudson, in Pre-Primary (2022) she is thankful to be a part of the South Padbury community.  

Nicky Garside

Nicky joined the South Padbury IPS Board in Term 1 of 2022, bringing over 15 years of international secondary school drama teaching experience at classroom and management level to her role.

Nicky combines a contemporary understanding of primary and secondary educational issues with her genuine passion for education, Literature and the Arts. As a member of the Board she also draws on considerable school committee experience and an unwavering commitment to optimise student outcomes and to help the school achieve success.

During Nicky’s time at SPPS she has taken a keen interest in supporting the school and its development, serving as parent rep and becoming a member of the executive committee through the school’s P&C. 

As a member of the board Nicky hopes to use her experience of the arts to further the schools development of literacy, experiential learning and the emotional wellbeing of the individual. She will also continue supporting the school in striving to be progressive, innovative, creative and community driven, and in keeping the student’s education and happiness as the primary focus. 

Above all else Nicky is a passionate parent, who like all other parents wants only the best for her children. She is a mum of two, with Rosie currently in TA1 and Callum joining the school Kindy in 2023.