Library Resource Centre

The Library is an important part of our school. The resources collected are continually growing thanks to the P&C and School Budget allocation of funds. It contains a range of books (fiction, non fiction and reference), audio visual equipment, games, charts, pictures and a variety of teacher resources as well as computers.

The Library is used for research, book borrowing, literature, recreational reading and the development of library skills and computer skills.

Children are able to borrow under the direction of their teacher. A Library Assistant is provided for the school part-time. Books and equipment lost or damaged must be paid for. Children must also have a library bag (plastic or material) before they are able to borrow books. This is necessary to protect our supply of books.

The library is also open to students at lunchtime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Here they have the opportunity to play board games with friends, attend to craft activities, or relax quietly and read a book.