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Triple P Parenting Programs

As part of the $40.6 million Federal Government investment in mental health, Baby Triple P Online, Triple P Online and Fear-Less Triple P Online are all now available for free to all Australian families.  We encourage any families looking for extra information or support with parenting to check out these courses.

The following courses are available online: 

Fear-Less Triple P Online

  • School avoidance
  • School refusal
  • Separation issues
  • Where a child is displaying signs of anxiety 
  • Parental anxiety impacting their child as anxious / avoidant behaviour is enabled or inadvertently reinforced
  • Supporting emotional regulation
  • Children experiencing family separation and / or other stressful childhood events
  • Performance anxiety (exam stress)

Triple P Online

  • Incidents of verbal or physical aggression at home
  • Parents not sure what to do with their children’s behaviour 
  • Support for families who have a child on a waitlist for ADHD or recent ADHD diagnosis
  • Screentime, gaming and / or online use at home resulting in family conflict and / or impacting student functioning and / or mental health

This is a structured, sequenced intervention where parents identify and clarify goals, gather baseline data, develop a plan incorporating strategies covered and monitor progress to ensure it’s working.

Baby Triple P

  • Families with new babies

This program covers vital information including sleep, feeding, soothing and settling

Links to programs below:

Triple P Online for Baby

Triple P Online (the original 8 week group Triple P Program)

Fear-Less Triple P (how parents can help their child with anxiety)

Click here to find available Triple P Programs offered in WA