Find 15 Reading Campaign

South Padbury PS wants to make every child at school a confident reader with our ‘Find 15’ reading promotion. We ask all families to find 15 minutes every school day to read to your children or listen to them read, so that we can build all important skills in reading fluency, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary development and oral language. ‘Find 15’ is based on current reading research which says that ‘15 minutes seems to be the “magic number” at which students start seeing substantial positive gains in reading achievement; students who read just over half an hour to an hour per day see the greatest gains of all.’

To support our reading campaign, every class will have a home reading program that we ask parents to support and monitor by providing a space and time for students to read at home each school day. For younger students this may look like parents reading to their children, practising letter names and sounds, or sight words.

We would also like to provide parents with supporting research and information around the importance of reading and what can be done at home to help children become proficient readers.