Behaviour and Wellbeing Support Resources for Families

Zones of Regulation is a simple approach to developing self-regulation. Families can download the Zones of Regulation Apps from the App Store or visit theirwebsite.

The Zones of Regulation | A Curriculum For Emotional Regulation

The Magic Coat is a tool that has been developed to help create confident, calm, and caring kids who know how to problem solve, feel safe and manage theiremotions appropriately so that they have good mental health and well-being. The school has multiple copies of this resource for parents to borrow.

The Magic Coat

The Bullying. No Way! website for Australian schools is managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities

Working Group which has representatives from all states and territories, including the Catholic and independent schooling sectors.

Bullying No Way

A helpful website of ideas and resources for parents dealing with behaviourally challenged kids. Dr Greene created the CPM model which is based on the premise that challenging behavior occurs when the demands and expectations being placed on a kid exceed the kid’s capacity to respond adaptively…and that some kids are better equipped (i.e., have the skills) to handle certain demands and expectations.

Dr. Ross Greene (

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is committed to helping young people have safe, positive experiences online and encouraging behavioural change, where ageneration of Australian children act responsibly online -just as they would offline. They provide online safety education for children and young people, acomplaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying and address illegal content through the Online Content Scheme.

Online safety | eSafety Commissioner

Positive Parenting I Effective Child Discipline I 1 -2-3 Magic Parenting 1,2, 2 Magic is a positive behaviour management process designed especially for children. The emphasis of the approach is to provide children the opportunity to interrupt ‘stop’ behaviours enabling them to think and act appropriately. The school has multiple copies of this resource for parents to borrow.

Positive Parenting | Effective Child Discipline | 1-2-3 Magic Parenting (

Raising Children Network is the complete resource for Australian parents, taking you from pregnancy to newborns to teenagers. We offer evidence-based content you can trust on hundreds of topics about raising children and looking after yourself as a parent. Click on the Main Menu to select from the drop-down list to choose links relevant to the age and needs of your child. The special needs information is current and provides useful information about services and support.

Raising Children Network

WA Child Safety Services is Western Australia’s not-for- profit provider of Protective Behaviours, Online Safety and Child Protection education and resources.

WA Child Safety Services – Creating Safer Communities (

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is the flexible, practical way to develop skills, strategies, and confidence to handle any parenting situation.

Happier, healthier, less stressed kids & families | Triple P (

Happy families is a parenting resource website developed by Dr Justin Coulson and provides guidance and resources to help adults to connect with children in meaningful ways and to guide children to become strong, caring whole adults. The school has a Happy Families School membership that parents can access.

Happy Families – Parenting Resources & Advice

The Online Safety Resource Guide for Adults. This is an in-depth guide to online safety by Review Lab and has been recommended by school parents. It is well worth a look. Despite the ever-present threat of cybercrime, many people assume it won’t happen to them. But that’s not always the case. With your credit card information, bank account number, passwords and emails all stored somewhere on your computer or on the cloud, you can’t afford to take chances. That’s why Review Lab put together this resource guide that is jam-packed with more than 60 individual resources aimed helping you stay safe online, including resources for safe online shopping, identity theft resources and more.

‘ThinkUKnow’ is a free, evidence-based cyber safety program that provides presentations to Australian parents, carers and teachers and students. It provides information on the technologies young people use, the challenges they may face, and importantly, how they can be overcome. Presentations are delivered face to face or digitally. The program is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Microsoft Australia, Datacom and the Commonwealth Bank, and is delivered in collaboration with New South Wales Police Force, Northern Territory Police, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, Tasmania Police, Western Australia Police and Victoria Police as well as Neighbourhood Watch Australia.


Raising sensitive issues and working to resolve problems that arise along the way can be challenging. It can also be hard as a parent to know the difference between normal behaviour, such as moodiness, irritability and withdrawal, and an emerging mental health problem. The ‘Friends and Family’ section of the headspace website is designed to help you.

I’m supporting a young person – In category Mental ill-health (