School Parking

The area around the school becomes extremely hazardous especially around the peak afternoon pickup period. Managing our traffic is part of providing a safe environment for our school. Your cooperation and patience when parking and using the Kiss & Drive facility will provide your children with a safer and less stressful start and end to the day.

What and Where Is the Kiss and Drive?

School Parking Kiss & Drive zones typically allow parents to pick up and drop off children close to a school entrance. They are not to be used for parking. 

There are 4 designated Kiss and Drive bays at the bottom of Farrell Way, adjacent to the playground, especially set aside for the set down and pick up of students. These bays are signed as Kiss and Drive.

How Kiss and Drive Works

Move as near to the front of the Kiss & Drive bays as possible when you arrive

Children will wait in the area adjacent to the Kiss & Drive bays in the afternoon

Encourage children to look out for you in the afternoon

Bays are to be used only for set down and pick up of students

If your child is not ready, don’t stop – drive around the block following Farrell Way and Birch Road and back to the Kiss & Drive

It may be wise to give your child some time to get to the Kiss & Drive area before coming to collect them in the afternoon

There is no parking or waiting permitted in the Kiss & Drive bays

Always indicate to enter and leave the Kiss & Drive bays

Ensure children entering the vehicle put on their seat belts quickly before moving off

Students always alight from the left of the vehicle

Parents/carers must remain in the vehicle

If there are no free bays on arrival, please do not block the traffic. Instead, drive around the block following Farrell Way and Birch Road to re-join the queue at Kiss & Drive 

If you need to get out of the car to organise or farewell your child, Kiss and Drive may not be a suitable option for your family.

Please share this important information with your children, as well as friends and family members who may be picking up or dropping off.

Rangers, Parking and Community Safety

Field Officers cover all 22 suburbs within the City of Joondalup Local Government area, performing a range of services to assist and benefit the local community.

They can assist with issues such as abandon vehicles, animal control, graffiti and parking issues.

School and community members are encouraged to contact field officers with parking concerns.

Field Officer operating hours:

Monday to Sunday 7.00am – 8.00pm.

To contact Field Services please call 9400 4000 or email

Periodically police will monitor speeding and other traffic movements around the school and the City of Joondalup Rangers will visit the school and issue warnings or parking infringement notices if necessary. 

Cross Walk Attendants

Crossing attendants are provided for Warburton Avenue and Gibson Avenue before and after school.  Parents are asked to reinforce with children the need to use this service for safety reasons, and to remind students about using their manners when speaking with the attendants. Cross Walk Attendants are employed and managed by WA Police, not the school.

“It takes 12 minutes to walk 1 kilometre and kids love to walk. How far from school do you live?”

School Parking 

Areas in and around all schools present potential parking problems as there may be speeding motorists, busy roads and a lack of available parking bays. 

Remember it is an offence to stop or park a vehicle:

  • Within 3 meters of a double barrier white line
  • Within 10 metres of an intersection
  • On a footpath
  • Blocking driveways
  • If the vehicle is double parked
  • Facing the wrong way against the flow of traffic
  • Blocking emergency vehicle access gates

The school has two car parks. The top, or northern car park off Warburton Ave which is for parents. 

The lower level, or western car park is for staff ONLY. For safety reasons, parents are asked not to use the staff car park for the purpose of depositing or collecting children, including when attending before and after school care.

There are also designated parking bays available at the top of Farrell Way, opposite the school oval.

How Parents Can Help

Walk or cycle to school

Park nearby and walk a short distance to school 

Park at the shopping centre adjacent to the school on Warburton Ave and walk across the road using the cross walk

Ask older children to use the cross walk and meet you at the shopping centre carpark

Park according to signage and only in designated bays

Slow down around the school and be aware

Do not park on footpaths as you are endangering children walking or cycling

Coordinate with other parents to take turns dropping off & picking up children at school

On Farrell Way please do not park on house verges and lawns or at the bottom corner of the street near the school gate, in front of the Kiss and Drive bays.

On Warburton Ave please do not park on the verge at the top of the staff carpark entrance. We ask parents to be considerate of the school’s neighbours and their nearby properties.

Did you know that if you meet your children 5 – 10 minutes after the siren, there is no congestion? For older children, this is a great idea.