Information about Pre-Primary

Settling in

It takes time for children to become familiar and comfortable with the centre, staff, rules and routines. It is a big step for your child to develop their independence and form new relationships and feeling hesitant about this new situation is normal.

To assist your child to settle into the school routine you are invited to spend the first 15 minutes in the classroom each morning to read a book, play a game, do a puzzle or activity with them.

Download a copy of our Pre-primary Information booklet.

Items your child will need to attend Pre-Primary


Ensure your child has a bag that is large enough to hold their belongings and that they can open and close it independently.


The school has a “No hat, no play” policy. Ensure your child has their school hat every day. Hats can be embroidered or have a motif sewn on to personalise and individualise them. This also make it easier for your child to recognise their own hat.

Water bottle

Provide a spill-proof water bottle each day. Only water is allowed inside the classroom.


We ask you to provide a healthy snack for recess. Some suggestions include: fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese and plain crackers, sultanas and yoghurt. If your child has trouble eating a whole piece of fruit please cut it into manageable pieces.


Each child is required to bring their lunch. Please pack lunch items which your child can independently manage. We encourage you to limit the amount of treats (pre-packaged and highly processed foods) you include in their lunch box. Sorry, we do not heat up any food items.

Library bag

Please provide a library bag for book borrowing.

Spare clothing

Pack a plastic bag containing a spare set of clothes in your child’s bag to change into in case of an accident or if they get wet during water play.


Any money to be sent to school must be in an envelope with your child’s name, class and the purpose clearly stated. Please place any money in the correct money box in the front office.


Comfortable, footwear is required at all times for safety purposes. Sneakers and flat sandals with ankle straps are recommended. Crocs and thongs are not permitted at school.

Health and Absent

We ask that if your child is sick, they stay at home to prevent the spreading of illnesses. Please phone the school reception on 9307 5833 in the morning to inform to us of an absence. If you have prior knowledge of any intended absences you need to provide the details in writing to your child’s teacher. Please notify us if your child has a contagious disease so other parents may be informed.

Parent support

Parents are encouraged to spend a morning in the Pre-Primary room as a parent helper. A roster will be provided each term on the class notice board for you to volunteer. We ask that you make alternate arrangements for any younger siblings. Please note that the parent must complete a “Confidential Declaration” form before you help out in the class.

Your child birthday

Feel free to provide cupcakes to share with the class on your child’s birthday. We ask you ensure there are enough cakes for every child. Check with your child’s teacher for any food allergies and how many children are in the class.


The reading program generally commences for most children in Term 2. Commencement is based on the teachers assessment of each child’s individual ability.


We request that you DO NOT allow your child to bring toys or valuables to school. Toys can break, get mislaid or also cause disruption.

Please remember to CLEARLY LABEL all belongings with your child’s name.