There has been a lot of interesting topics covered so far in Indonesian this year.

The Year 1’s have had a great start to Indonesian. They have been learning about colours, numbers and farm animals. They have learnt Old Mac Donald in Indonesian and have been making up little sentences with number words and animal names. The Year 1’s are so clever!

TA 3 and TA 4 have learnt the names of body parts and love singing ‘Kepala, bahu, lutut, kaki’ along with the Bibitsku video. They have also learnt how to say the names of some pets in Indonesian. We made class graphs to see which pet is the most popular. It was the Anjing (dog) in both classes.

The Year 4’s have been focusing on morning routines and comparing their morning routine to that of an Indonesian student.

The Year 5 classes drew some amazing maps of an imaginary Indonesian village and learnt the names of common buildings and features you might find in them.

The Year 6 classes recorded some great oral descriptions of the sports and hobbies they like to do, including their likes and dislikes, what days and how many times a week they play or train.