Formal written homework for children is not compulsory but teachers may give a child work which would occupy a reasonable time each week.

In conjunction with this we give parents two options:

  • No homework – if parents request this option in writing at the commencement of the new school year, their children will not be given homework.
  • Homework – this will be maintained where necessary as long as children and parents continue to support the concept. Minimum requirements will be set by the classroom teacher.
  • Homework is not generally given to children going on holiday during term, as experience has shown that rarely is this work completed.


At South Padbury Primary School, we have made the decision to adopt the NSW foundation font which will be phased in, commencing in our early childhood area from 2020.

If children enrolling from other states or overseas countries have another writing style, this is accepted within the school. Obviously teachers only teach one style and while the teachers do not ask newly enrolled children to change styles, the child may wish to change. This decision we leave to the individual child.