Voluntary Contributions

In this school, as with other Department of Education schools, we ask that the school voluntary contributions be paid as early as possible.

The money is used to provide your children with important equipment and materials to enrich the opportunities available to them whilst at this school.

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Statements showing Voluntary Contributions, P & C Contributions and any payments made will be issued to students each term.

Families are encouraged to pay these despite being voluntary as the funds are used by each of the classes for any required materials and equipment. Without the support of families, we are forced to use our School Grant to the detriment of other areas.

It is preferred that payment be made in the first school term.

This enables the administrative staff to work out its budgetary arrangements for the year.

Parents who feel that they cannot meet this commitment in full are encouraged to contact the Principal or Manager of Corporate Services so that a mutually agreeable arrangement may be negotiated.

School Payments/Money collection

Qkr Secure Payment App: payment by Credit Card: In school activities, excursions, camp and school contributions can be paid by App.  This secure payment method also provides the added convenience of online permission slips.

This can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App store for iPhones (iPads should download the iPhone App) or from Google Play for Android phones and tablets.