Faction athletics carnivals and Edu-Dance concerts

Dear Families, 

As we approach the end of the term the excitement has been building in anticipation of our school faction athletics carnivals and Edu-Dance concerts. I have been very impressed with our Year 6 students who have been running training sessions with our younger students at lunch times, so they can practice the team games. 

Our faction games were held yesterday afternoon in beautiful weather with lots of enthusiastic singing and chanting. Thank you to the parents who came along to support the students and school and we look forward to seeing as many of you who can join us on Friday. 

Our full day carnival tomorrow will hopefully run smoothly given the forecast for some showers. Thanks to the P and C for organising the Subway lunch, coffee van, cake stall and sausage sizzle. Thank you also to Anthony Pollard who has been busy tidying our long jump pit and fixing holes in our running track. A reminder to parents to please scan in via the Safe WA App on one of the QR Code signs that will be around the oval. Also please respect our staff, students and volunteers by staying in the designated parent viewing locations. This will allow the day to run more smoothly and enable staff to manage students, events and any issues without distractions, so everyone has a good time. 

In the sporting spirit, parents are also encouraged to role model positive, fair and sportsman like behaviours in the lead up to our carnival. Children take their cues from the adults around them, and a conversation about encouraging effort and praise for participation, rather than results, goes a long way towards our students enjoying themselves. Having said that, there will be winners, and acceptance that we can’t all be good at everything is also important. 

Edu Dance concerts are happening on Monday and Tuesday next week. A Connect notice has gone out to parents with times and days. Please only attend your child’s afternoon concert, as we will be tight for space. Scan in using the Safe WA App and please be mindful of physical distancing around the under covered area. 

Important information for parents regarding parking at Farrell Way. The City of Joondalup will be sending parking rangers around at random pick up and drop off times to check that parking is legal and issue fines if necessary. Please be aware that this is happening and use the kiss and drive properly, do not double park in the middle of the road, or on a house verge blocking driveways. 

Our state is lucky enough this year to host the AFL Grand Final, and if football is popular in your household, I encourage all families to embrace the traditions that come with this special event. We may never have another opportunity to host again. If your team is playing this weekend, good luck. 

Happy Parenting! 

Cass Disisto