Application to Enrol

Parents are required to complete an Application for Enrolment form for each child. Birth Certificates or Extract of Birth Certificates, AIR Immunisation history statement no more than 2 months old and is “up to Date”,  verification of address will all need to be sighted by the office staff when completing the Application for Enrolment.

Upon the Principal approving the enrolment, parents will be required to complete a Student Enrolment Form to finalise their child/children’s admission to the school.

An up to date address, telephone number and emergency contact is essential information. Should any information on the card need changing at a later date, please notify the school immediately. This is essential as we often need to contact parents regarding a sick child.

Measles immunisation before the child commences school is now essential.

It is important that the school be aware of any learning, medical or physical issue your child may have.

Please see note to bring verification of Immunisation history when returning application for enrolment. – Thank you.


In the case of separated or divorced parents, custody arrangements or access rights to the child within school hours should be clearly stated on the back of the admission card. Copies of any court orders must also be supplied.

Children Transferring

When children are about to leave our school or transfer to another school, parents are requested to endeavour to give us one week’s notice in writing. This will provide adequate time to enable the staff to ensure that all records, books, medical cards, reports etc., have been completed or checked prior to the child’s departure.

Further information about enrolling your child at school can be viewed at the Department of Education website