Congratulations are in order…

Dear Families,

Congratulations are in order this week for several of our individual students and sports teams. Thomas M from TA 10 placed 4th overall in the country for Year 5/6 in the National Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee competition. Marli F, Oscar F, Lachlan W and Zac TK from year 6 have been successful in securing a place in Duncraig SHS’s Triathlon Academy for 2022. And our Year 5/6 Netball C and Soccer teams won first place shields at the Kingsway Lightning Carnival last week.

Last Tuesday our Year 5/6 students and over 50 parents engaged with Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safe. SOS – Brilliant, Inspiring, Engaging! ( Paul spoke about Digital Citizenship, where our kids are going online, the Apps they are using and the information they are sharing, their online footprint, social networking, online gaming and website use. He has provided the school with his presentation notes which have been placed on Connect for parents. The school strongly encourages parents to establish digital boundaries with students to ensure reduced incidents of online bullying, better mental health and wellbeing and a good night’s sleep.

The following suggestions will support your children and their learning at school:

Establish a digital bedtime. Screens off 60 mins before bed, and placed in a ‘landing zone’ somewhere in the house for storage and charging.
Tech Free Zones: The bedroom should be a tech free zone. Buy an alarm clock if your child uses a mobile phone to wake themselves up. Keeping devices out of bedrooms removes the tech- temptation to use them throughout the night, reduces the likelihood that they’ll reach for them upon waking and lessens the chance of cyberbullying incidents.
Ensure a daily dose of ‘green time’ Exposure to natural blue light from sources such as the sun is critical for regulating circadian rhythms and promoting sleepiness at night. Ensure your child/teen is exposed to bright, natural, daytime light preferably before midday each day
Do a screen swap before bed. Encourage passive tech activities before bed such as watching TV, listening to an audiobook, music or podcast, or reading on an e-reader.

A reminder to parents that our Faction Cross Country event will be held next Friday 25th June, and parents are welcome to attend. Further information will be sent out via Connect from Mrs Weiner. Reports will be available to parents through Connect on Thursday 1st July, so please ensure you are signed up. The school has a NAIDOC music assembly scheduled for the last week of term, which we will now postpone until next term. The student councillors have organised a charity Pyjama Day for next Tuesday 22nd June. More details will come out via Connect. Parents, please do not park or line up ‘kiss and drive’ style in the school carpark on Warburton Ave. If there are no parking spots free, please leave the parking area and park elsewhere. It is becoming dangerous for our students walking to parked or idling cars in the middle of the carpark while parents are trying to back out of bays.

Finally, the South Padbury PS community should be bursting with pride at the overwhelming support that has been shown to one of our families after the sudden passing of a former student. It is a positive reflection of the respect and admiration this family hold within the community, and people’s willingness to help out, which in turn helps everyone. Thank you. I’d like to finish with a Chinese proverb that I think reflects our school community’s beliefs and values, as demonstrated during this difficult time.page2image4161701312

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.

Cass Disisto Principal