School Overview

South Padbury PS has a student enrolment of 400 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The school motto is ‘Pursuing Knowledge and Friendship’ which extends to parents and carers and reflects our students’ positive attitudes to learning.

The school has strong and positive reputation that is evidenced by an unprecedented demand for out of boundary enrolments.

Parents are highly visible in the school organising, in consultation with the administration, numerous activities for the students which enrich the learning experiences for our students.

Play areas are extensive with grounds being very well maintained and all structured play equipment now being under industrial shade covers. All areas of the school are fully air-conditioned with both evaporative and split level systems throughout the school. The school is well resourced and has a fully automated resource centre. All classrooms are fitted with interactive electronic whiteboards or Pro-Wise devices.

Thanks to collaboration with the school’s P&C body, the school has full class sets of Ipads, storage units for these devices and every area of the school has complete WIFI coverage. Our school’s ICT resources and infrastructure meet our ambition to deliver 21st Learning principles to all of our students. Our long term goal is to become a paper free work and learning environment. All newsletter publications are now online, our website is constantly updated and we have also an app that is utilised extensively to ensure that information to all of our stakeholders is constant and current.

South Padbury benefits from extensive experience amongst our teaching and non-teaching staff. All teachers meet the professional requirements to teach in Western Australian schools and are registered with the Teachers’ Registration Board of Western Australia.

Our staff is highly skilled and has become extremely collaborative in all areas within our Phase of Learning Teams and Duncraig Network of School’s year level groups. This has enabled the continuation of well-established programs that were designed in 2016/2017 and implemented in 2018. The academic programs developed and implemented by teachers at South Padbury ensured improved academic achievements in 2018, as demonstrated by the data collected, analysed and reported on in this report. The school’s Music Program is headed by Mrs Kylie Pollard, an experienced and accomplished educator. The program boasts an enthusiastic choir, instrumental music and singing at all assemblies and major functions.  The Physical Education Program is headed up by Mrs Sue Wiener and encourages healthy competition amongst factions and between neighbouring schools.

During the year each class is responsible for organising and performing at a school assembly providing opportunities for students to speak and present to an audience thus developing confidence and self-esteem. Each assembly is followed by a morning tea allowing parents to interact informally but purposely with both the teacher and the principal, Mr David Knox. Staff support students to reach their full potential through offering a range of learning opportunities presented in a variety of ways designed to engage each student in the learning experience at hand.

As 2018 signifies the beginning on the 3 Year Business Plan 2018-2020, this document will report on our target attainments towards the Business Plan and the 1 year 2018 Operational Plans.

Staff support students to reach their full potential through offering a range of learning opportunities presented in a variety of ways designed to engage each student in the learning experience at hand.