Welcome to our school

A warm welcome is extended to all parents who will be associated with our school. Our school motto is “Pursuit of Knowledge and Friendship” which extends to parents and carers.

The school is proud of the tradition and reputation it has established over the past twenty seven years and this is due to excellent teaching and quality community relationships.

The importance of home and school working together to provide children with supportive care throughout their primary schooling cannot be emphasised enough.

Teachers at the school are well qualified, experienced and dedicated. They create appropriate learning environments and provide opportunities for children to acquire skills and understandings. They aim to assist all children to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Parents can be assured that the children’s best interests are our motivation at all times and we trust that in return parents will support the teachers in their endeavours.

This site provides information, which will assist parents to understand the functioning of many areas of the school. Both the school and children will benefit when parents make the effort to comply with or support the requirements as requested.

Cass Disisto