Monday to Sunday 25 -31 May
Read for 10 minutes a day OR MORE, log your reading minutes for each day, (plus any additional sessions) and bring in your completed reading log for a chance to win a COOL book prize.
Each class will have a draw of completed entries. Must complete the week to enter. Reading session=10 minutes with family or individually.
PLUS: You could raise money for the School Library by getting sponsored for reading!

Parent Survey - Ipads

 Dear Parents/Carers

 Below is the link to the survey in regards to the use of IPads at South Padbury.

 We'd appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey by following the link provide below.

 Thank you

 Verne Jones and David Knox

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1 May 2015: Latest News

Student updates and medical information:  Please return to the Office ASAP

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